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soul of the sky - hand-printed denim jacket

soul of the sky - hand-printed denim jacket

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They say the eye is the window to the soul, but where do we look to search for our own soul, if we cannot ever truly look ourselves in our own eye? Mirrored in the vastness of the sky is the vastness of the self, of the soul. Find the sun - the all-seeing pupil of the sky - as the trees form a path upward, reaching to touch it.

Size: M/L

Hand-printed from an original woodblock carving.

Each design will be printed on only one jacket, making each one a truly one-of-a-kind, exclusive piece of art and clothing.

Please note: this piece is currently on display as part of the Small Vessels Exhibition at Have You Met Charlie? from 1/8 - 31/8. If a purchase is made it can be collected at the conclusion of the exhibition. If you wish to purchase, please select 'Pick up from Have You Met Charlie?' in the shipping section at checkout. If would prefer not to pay in full, please contact me to put down a deposit. 

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