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growing place - photo zine

growing place - photo zine

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growing place (n)
childhood home, the place you associate with growing up.

The title was inspired by a poem I wrote about a longing to branch out from my childhood home and find my own place. I took these photos as a challenge to find beautiful and interesting things in a place I have known my entire life. To take photos of things I look at every single day, but that I never really see. I wanted to find beauty in the ordinary and make a subject out of something that is so personal to me. I also wanted to document my ‘growing place’ before I inevitably leave it. While this isn’t my forever home, it’s the home I became myself in. My growing place is the home that shaped me before I move on to the home that I will shape. 

Photos are taken mostly on 35mm film, some digital.

Pages: 44
Size: A5

Shipped in recyclable packaging

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