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blinking wings - hand-printed denim jacket

blinking wings - hand-printed denim jacket

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Look into the wings of the emperor moth and find a piece of yourself reflected there. Discover an eye so similar to your own, and find the beauty in the patterns of your own palm as you reach to touch the patterns of those blinking wings, and become a branch to land on. Even the tiniest bodies can mirror our own.

Size: 14 / L

Hand-printed from an original woodblock carving.

Each design will be printed on only one jacket, making each one a truly one-of-a-kind, exclusive piece of art and clothing.

Please note: this piece is currently on display as part of the Small Vessels Exhibition at Have You Met Charlie? from 1/8 - 31/8. If a purchase is made it can be collected at the conclusion of the exhibition. If you wish to purchase, please select 'Pick up from Have You Met Charlie?' in the shipping section at checkout. If would prefer not to pay in full, please contact me to put down a deposit. 

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