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a reminder to never stop wandering

the wandering days touches on the aimlessness of growing up, and the endless figuring out that comes with it: falling out of love, falling in love - with others, the world, nature, and yourself. the wandering days discovers beauty in the everyday, as we try to embed ourselves into the ever-changing present.

Read the poetry collection to join me on this meandering journey, or carry a tote as a reminder to never stop wandering. Shop the collection below:

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Meet Lauren!

Lauren Kathleen is an illustrator, designer and writer born and raised on Kaurna land in Adelaide, South Australia. When she's not drawing, painting, writing poetry, taking photos, or creating in some other form, you can find her wandering in nature somewhere, or perhaps in a book shop. She is most inspired by nature, connection, memory, trains, and unanswerable questions.